Jelie. I got my name by combining my mother and father's last names. I took the J from Jones, and extracted the whole from Elie, with the result of Jelie, pronounced 'Jel-eye'. Denver Bred, Montbello native, I was initiated into Calhoun Block, by means of association with Lil Droop, the son of the Block Father, Mr Droopy Loc. I'm currently in the process of making new music and producing for my other CBM Mobstas.

Aside from my own music, I'm currently designing and developing sounds, in addition to templates and tutorials for the heavily overlooked Propellerhead Reason. Look out for tutorials on my YouTube channel which will also accompany my weekly verse/cover videos.

[Gang affiliated, never initiated. Translating the dope game to the rap game, beat game same vein. Fighting temptations and evading peer influence, Jelie presents the story of the lost, and the vision of raw truth.]